Scott Schultz

Scott Schultz

Co-Owner & Coach

I’ve been an athlete all my life. From my earliest memories, I never sat still and have always been active and never met a sport I haven’t at least tried once. When I turned 14, my concentration was solely on golf. Golf is my passion. For the past 15 years, I’ve played on either the Golf Channel or Golfweek AM Tours and even tried my hand at US Open qualifiers. I’ve caddied in US Open local and sectional qualifiers, the US Senior Women’s Open, Hooters Tour, and to date, my best moment is caddying in the 2011 John Deere Classic.

In 2009, I discovered CrossFit here in Muscatine. However, mixing CrossFit and competitive golf became a challenge for me. I would push my body beyond its ability to heal properly. Little did I know my body needed more than just lifting heavy objects for time or capacity.

In 2017, my research led me to Scottsdale, AZ connecting with Greg McLean, Brandon Harris, Andrew Hannon, and Paige Fleischman at Premier Fitness Systems. There I found my nirvana and with the volume of PGA, LPGA, and MLB athletes that trained at that facility my eyes were opened wide to know this was for me and what was possible for others.

I gathered information from other leaders in the movement industry including Katherine Roberts, Dave Phillips, and Gary Gray. Each of these individuals filled me with knowledge about how the human body moves and what it needs to sustain that movement. Their knowledge and support is why I created Impact.

Autumn Schultz

Autumn Schultz

Co-Owner & Nutrition Expert

Starting dance lessons at seven years old at Dance of Iowa [now National Dance Academy], my progression and development led to my decision my senior year of high school to pursue being a professional dancer. Learning multiple dance styles of Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, tap, contemporary and modern led me to receiving a scholarship at Spotlight Dance Company allowing me to perform in Dance the Magic parades in Disneyland with Be Discovered, Inc.

  • Nutrition & Fitness Coach, Impact Fitness & Nutrition
  • Certified Nutrition Coach, Healthy Steps Nutrition
  • Primal Movement & Kettlebell Flow Certified
  • AIR Aerial Yoga Certified Instructor
  • Social Media & Marketing Manager

While competing on the Varsity Dance Team at Grand View University, I developed knee problems because of deteriorating cartilage and it cut my career choice short. Moving back to Iowa City, I was able to not only continue my Graphic Design degree but also begin teaching dance classes, on occasion, where it all began at National Dance Academy.

In Fall 2018, I met Scott and began working as a graphic designer, Social Media and Marketing contact for Impact Athletic Performance. Beginning to understand the benefits of proper body mechanics, I began a journey back to improving my own ability to move better. Even to the point of being able to coach classes helping people move effectively and efficiently. This Spring, attending my first Aerial Yoga class I fell in love with it. It rekindled my love of dance and, more importantly, the ability to improve myself physically and mentally.

Fast forward to Fall 2019 and I dove head first into training receiving my Aerial Yoga certification at AIR in Chicago. The drive for improving myself and others keeps me motivated for more education and training opportunities in the future to help our athletes improve themselves.

Now, this year in 2020 I completed two certification courses. One, Nutrition Coaching through Healthy Steps Nutrition. Any time we work, the one main factor that is driving us is our nutrition. Also, I became certified in primal movement flows and kettlebell flows. For myself as an athlete, I believe that the body mobility is the most important in order to keep our bodies feeling fresh.

Cindy Klebe

Cindy Klebe

Fitness Coach

I think that surrounding yourself with like-minded people who want to feel good, be strong, and be physically fit to enjoy nature’s playground with their friends and family, is essential for our health and happiness. Growing up on the farm, working and playing outside has always been important to me.

I have also enjoyed competition and playing sports. I played softball and basketball in HS and College where I earned my BS degree in Natural Resources Management. I am currently a Natural Resources Specialist/Park Ranger for the US Army Corps of Engineers here in Muscatine, IA and have been for 27 years! About 15 years ago I discovered the game of Tennis and fell in love with it.

Throughout these years, I developed a great appreciation for taking care of my body, because I wanted to be able to play this for a long time. I also wanted to be able to enjoy going canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing, and all fun things outdoors and to share these experiences with others!

  • Progressive Kettlebell Movement (PKM) Level 1 Certified
  • Ultimate Sandbag DVRT Level 2 Certified
  • United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) Tennis Teaching Professional
  • RacquetFit Body-Tennis Serve Connection Level 1 Certified Evaluator/Screener
  • American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support and Heart saver CPR and First Aid Instructor
  • MHS Boys Asst. Tennis Coach
  • Tae Kwon Do Martial Artist, 1 st Degree Blackbelt

With Impact Fitness & Nutrition, I knew that it was going to be perfect for those wanting to stay mobile, be physically fit for the activity(s) you desire, and to embrace the athlete in all of us! I believe in his business model and want to be a part of it, so I educated myself, took classes, and here I am, an IFN coach!